Memory is leaking! - HELP!

Some applications display sensitive information that should never be written to the computer's local disk.

The HTTP protocol has a solution: "NO-STORE" header can be added to the image response.

Sadly, some browsers contain a bug so these images are never freed from memory!.
Memory consumption increases and eventually the browser crashes!

This page simulates this problem:
After pressing one of the buttons, an image will be retrieved from the server over and over.
The only difference between the buttons is that "NO Cache" will trigger results containing the "NO-STORE" header.
Use Windows Task Manager to see the memory increase.
Memory consumption for the "No Cache" is HUGE: for 512x512 color image it's 1Mb PER IMAGE!

Browsers exhibiting this bug: Chrome (tested with versions 9.x-11.x), Chrome Frame, FireFox (starting with version 4) and Safari.

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